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Fortis Therapy and Training,

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We provide therapy using an integrative model to meet the needs of all ages:


Adults, Young People, Children, Families, Couples, Trainees (more information on each below) in the Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire area.  We support those who are needing and seeking help and support to feel better.  




How can therapy help me or someone I know?


Therapy provides time and space with a therapist who can listen and work with you on what is troubling you.  Talking to a therapist is different to talking to family and friends.    


We work with you to create a trusting, honest and respectful relationship and work together through your experiences, thoughts, feelings and hopes for the future, to help you to feel more accepting of yourself and your experiences and to perhaps think about things in a different way.  Everyone deals with things differently depending on how you feel, and how complex your experiences have been. It can sometimes take a while to feel better, and sometimes it can happen relatively quickly.  We can work in a time limited way, and we can also offer you longer term work to have the time and space for yourself, to work through your feelings at your own individual pace.  Whether we are working with you for short term or long term work we work in a non-judgmental and respectful way.  We use talking therapies and creative interventions which are dependent on your needs and preferred way of working.


We have listed some areas below that we work with therapeutically, however this seems limiting as we have experience in working with many more different difficulties.  We respect that every person is individual with their own experiences and reasons for accessing therapy or for being referred.





•Attachment and loss difficulties

•Behavioural difficulties



•Eating difficulties

•Family problems

•Gender identity


•Isolation and loneliness


•Low mood

•Low self esteem


•Relational problems



•Struggling with everyday life






Adults tend to access therapy when they are struggling with some or all aspects of their lives.  These can be unresolved problems, recent life changing events or to improve emotional health and well-being.  Whatever the reason, it is individual to you, and therapy can help you to work through your feelings in a safe non-judgemental environment.  To speak with us confidentially to explore if therapy might be helpful for you, then please contacts us for a free initial conversation.


Young People 

Young people are negotiating a tricky life transition and can have mixed and confusing feelings for lots of reasons.  We provide talking therapies for young people and work to establish a trusting non- judgemental relationship to explore feelings, thoughts and experiences in a safe environment.  We also work creatively sometimes too, as we have a ‘toolkit’ of different ideas that can really help.  



Children demonstrate/communicate their feelings and distress in many different ways.  We provide creative ways of working therapeutically because dependent on the child’s developmental stages and capacity this can be very effective in supporting them to express themselves through play.  This can help children to express their feelings, and sometimes memories, in a less intrusive way. There might be things that the child can not verbalise, but they can express it using play, art, games, puppets, role play or using tasks (and talking!).



Families can have difficult dynamics that can cause arguments, create blame and often mis-communication that can lead to, or add to, misunderstandings.  This may happen due to circumstances, experiences, different expectations and perceptions, difficulties in communicating and for many other reasons.  We work using systemic practice to collaborate with families and couples to work through these difficulties.  The frequency of these sessions is negotiated within the first initial session.  



Trainees are expected to access therapy as part of the learning process whilst working towards qualifying as a professional practitioner.   Within training there can be feelings or realisations brought to the surface that you have identified you need to work through.  We offer confidential therapy in a safe environment to trainees at a reduced rate, as we were once trainees ourselves!  We will also provide a letter at the completion of the work, if it is a requirement or recommendation of your course, stating the number of sessions attended as proof of the therapy undertaken.


If you would like to talk to us about any of the above please call us or email for a free, ‘no obligation’ conversation.




"I have accessed personal counselling on and off with Alexis at Fortis for the past three years, the relationship we have built over this time has enabled me to work through some painful and challenging past and present experiences, these challenges I have faced affected my day to day life and how I dealt with situations and relationships with others.


By giving me time and trusting that I had the answers to my own questions, Alexis helped me discover and make contact with areas of myself I previously kept hidden to protect myself from being hurt. Her calm approach, honest, nurturing nature and vast experience helped me to trust and feel comfortable with the way she responded and challenged me, meaning I was open to learning new things about myself and able to move forward towards fresh challenges and new relationships."