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Fortis for Business


•Improve relationships in the workplace

•To enable and support employees to return to work after absence

•Improving attendance and staff retention

•Improve emotional well-being and mental health awareness

•To effectively support staff therapeutically when struggling with stress, anxiety and depression

•Promote effective communication for individuals within the organisation












Fortis Business Team

We are passionate about supporting businesses/services and their employees to improve relationships, communication, emotional & mental health.  We are a local employee assistance programme, supporting your business to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and supporting emotional and mental health in the workplace.  Our team of therapists are all qualified & experienced, insured & regulated by their professional bodies.


The services include, one to one confidential therapeutic interventions, confidential interpersonal mediation, coaching and training & staff development workshops including (but by no means limited to): - understanding and managing stress, managing change effectively, work-life balance, understanding roles and patterns in relationships, mental health awareness, effective communication models for managers, systemic thinking in organisations etc. We also provide clinical supervision for staff in your organisation whose role is to support or work with colleagues who may be experiencing challenging and difficult situations in their lives.


All of our services are provided either from our own base or within your organisation….this is decided on a case by case basis (especially in relation to therapy or mediation) as it is dependent on how to best support the individuals concerned.


Our team access training on a regular basis to ensure that we are all engaging with personal and professional development and we all access both clinical and managerial supervision monthly, to ensure an excellent quality, effective and highly skilled service.



Retainer and Service Level Agreements

Whilst we do offer a cost effective and responsive service when you have identified support that is required quickly (for example: difficult team dynamics, a member of staff who is struggling, a training need due to organisational changes etc) we do also have retainers or Service Level Agreements (SLA).  These are agreed between Fortis and your business to agree the different aspects of service you would like and how this is delivered.  The SLA identifies the time scale of the agreement, identified link workers, details of the service being provided and costings.





Fortis for Business


Testimonials from business clients

We found the talk given by Alexis on family issues and parenting styles to be extremely informative and well received by all attendees. We wouldn’t hesitate to arrange another session in the future.


Testimonials from mediation participants


“Talking things through really helped and the group meeting was facilitated so well - the atmosphere at work has really improved.”


“Mediation isn’t a process I have been involved with before but it is a process I would recommend to others.”